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What if D&D editions were NPCs?

What if D&D editions would be NPCs? What would they look like? I made a drawing a while back when 5E came out. I liked it but 5E really hasn’t been tested and I was optimistic.

Meanwhile some time has passed and I thought I should give it another try. All right. Here we are:

No you didn’t …!

There are some people who think a forced TPK is a valid option for GMs if the party gets astray. Don’t be like them.

I’ll do this blog posting in English. I’m no native speaker so please be kind in case I make to many mistakes.

So I saw this youtube video rant about bad advice for a GM and I was starting to think “Pffff! There is no such thing as bad advice, only wrong audience for … holy sh*t, what were they thinking?”.

This inspired me to do a little cartoon, so here we go.


A short impression on how I see the different play styles.

A short impression on how I see the different play styles.

Ich habe ja bereits darüber elaboriert, dass Spielstile entscheidend sind und dass ein Großteil der Verständigungsschwierigkeiten darauf beruht, dass unterschiedliche Spiele unter dem großen Namen “Rollenspiel” zusammengefasst werden. Dabei gibt es oft auch Dissens darüber, welche Spielstile wie zu interpretieren sind. Nun – hier ist meine Interpretation.